Type of Benefits & Definitions

Helping you find the right coverage that best fits your needs.

At our office we have extensive knowledge and experience with group benefits and individual health care coverage. Whether you're a business owner with 2 employee's or 100 plus employee's looking for employee benefits for your company. Seniors, turning 65 needing help with a Supplement Plan. Or an individual person looking for their own health policy. We are here to help you evaluate all your options and make the best possible decisions for your needs and goals.

Choosing Health Insurance Coverage : There are multiple health insurance plans designed to fit the needs of Employer's, Individuals, and Seniors. Learn more about the plans Eng Insurance offers to find the best option for your needs.


Employer Plans

Eng Insurance is positioned to offer the best In employee benefits, Medical, Dental, and Vision.


Individual Plans

Individual medical insurance coverage, designed for people who don't have this thru employer plans.


Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare Supplement Insurance is designed for senior citizens who participate in Medicare. Provides additional coverage.